DeStress Therapy is a 5-step program that reboots your Body and Mind!

If you are experiencing weight gain,tightness in your body, aches that never go away and anxious thoughts that make you feel bad about your life
then DeStress Therapy is for you.

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DeStress Therapy is personal training for relaxation. 

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Read the latest testimonial from a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon!

Joan Severance
Supermodel, Movie and TV actress

The first time I used Energy Regeneration Therapy™ I found myself floating, painless, for the first time in a long time. The breathing and expansion exercise allowed my body to heal itself based on its own rhythm of healing. I am grateful that Sheldon walked into my life when he did and I have continued to use the skills he taught for even the smallest of things.

Sheldon Ginsberg has created a healing technique that works. Energy Regeneration Therapy™ has alleviated a lower back pain I have had for decades. Its quick and simple ways can be used wherever and whenever any type of pain arises. It is about time an effective tool has arrived on the market for those who have experienced chronic or acute pain.”

Joan has appeared in over fifteen films including, SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL with Gene Wilder and Richard Prior and her costar from Wiseguy, Kevin Spacey. BIRD ON A WIRE with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn and NO HOLDS BARRED with Hulk Hogan. Zalman King’s LAKE CONSEQUENCE with Billy Zane, CRIMINAL PASSION with Tony Dennisen and PAYBACK with C.T. Howell.

Many have caught her performances since in many popular TV shows like ONE TREE HILL and CSI:MIAMI, Hallmark’s MYSTERY WOMAN or WICKED WICKED GAMES with Tatum O’Neal on UPN. and LOVE BOAT: THE NEXT WAVE with ROBERT URICH.


DeStress Therapy is Personal Training for Relaxation

Destress Therapy

Why is relaxation so important?  In today’s world, the stresses in our lives doesn’t really go away.

It gets internalized as tension. 

Over time, the body gets better at storing tension which is why so many of us have neck aches and back pains that never seem to go away.

In addition, we develop insomnia, migraines, weight gains, and anxiety. Our stresses magnifies our own doubts, and fears to further keep us from the goals of our lives.

Your Stress Reaction is Curable!

All it requires is training. The training consists of you releasing the tensions of your body and mind through a progressive series of peaceful experiences starting with breath training. This naturally leads to assisted stretches (as above) followed by vibrational massage.

The result is a physical, mental and emotional reboot!


We Address Your Needs

Your needs are found within your body. Your body has been storing tension from stress for years.  The more stress you have experienced over your lifetime, the more tension has accumulated in your body and mind.

This stored tension prevents you from being fully expressed, creative and aligned with your highest good. 

All this tension builds up and creates havoc in the body and mind which manifest as:

  • Inability to lose weight
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Emotional sensitivity
  • Uncertainty about life
  • Limitations in movement
  • Digestive problems
  • Aches and Pains
  • And More!


The goal is to have your body and mind work together in harmony to create balance.  




  1. ERT creates balance
  2. Balance creates health
  3. Health creates clarity
  4. Clarity provides direction
  5. Direction leads to purposeful action
  6. Purposeful action creates results
  7. Results based in balance creates success, happiness and fulfillment 






In 1 session you will experience deep relief from:

Stresses That Plague Your Mind
The Feeling of Constantly Being On 
Aches and Pains
Plus So Much More!

You will leave the session:


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from ERT sessions.

Flow chart

Imagine what it would feel like if you combined the feeling you get

at the end of a massage with 30 days of meditation. 

Why is DeStress Therapy Necessary in Today’s World?


Event chart

Each morning you start your day in the calm, healthy state of “rest and digest.” This state is a healing state where your body naturally rebuilds, repairs and reenergizes itself. Not only is your body at rest but your mind is also calm and clear.

Then your day begins… 

Your First Event

The first event of your day is your first challenge. It may be thinking about all you have to do that day. Maybe it’s your kids and getting them ready for school.  Or maybe it’s traffic. Whatever your first event is the result of you meeting that challenge is to shift your body into a “fight or flight” state. 

Fight or Flight

The fight or flight state is where your body prepares to either run or fight. This means your:

  • Cortisol and Adrenline are released
  • Muscle system turns on and gets tight
  • Heart rate and blood pressure increase
  • Your brain shifts into a emotionally reactive state

Event After Event Keeps You “ON”

Your body learns to maintain a perpetual “fight or flight” state. It adapts to this state as normal. Causing aches, pains, insomnia, digestive difficulties, anxiety and more.

DeStress Therapy Interrupts the “Fight or Flight” Pattern

Not only that, it teaches you how to interrupt the pattern and return your body and mind to the calm, healthy “rest and digest” state.


How it Works


In-Office Sessions –  1 hour

Clients are comfortably clothed while lying on a therapy table. DeStress Therapy™ introduces progressive relaxation techniques beginning with breath work. This leads to a guided full body relaxation followed by assisted tension release stretching, vibrational massage and energy healing.  At the end of the session you will feel rebooted, revitalized and re-energized!

Virtual/Phone Sessions – 1 hour

To help address your unique situation we determine what the immediate need is to your body and mind.  The goal is to train you and your system through customized techniques to relax your body and calm your mind. 

We need to connect you to the wiser, calmer, happier YOU.

After 14 years of helping others we have developed the skills, techniques and abilities to help you reach the answers you need in each and every session.

“After one session with Sheldon I found myself feeling lighter, energized and my stress levels were significantly lowered. I have since used the tools he gave me in my daily stress-reduction practice and have gotten long-term relief. I highly recommend Sheldon to anyone who is struggling with stress, anxiety and/or adrenal fatigue. Allow Sheldon to help you and you will feel better! You owe it to yourself to be free of these unnecessary weights on your life! Thanks Sheldon!”

Amy Suzanne Taggart designFORMARE INC.


Why DeStress Therapy™ Works So Well


Your nervous system, which controls the amount of stress your body stores,  is an experiential system.

This is why conversation about calming technique and relaxation has no real affect upon your body and mind.

DeStress Therapy™ harnesses the power of experience to lead your body and mind to release its tension and return to a balanced inner state.

Besides the immediate physiological benefits you will receive from one session, the main focus of this work is to train you to do it yourself.

Learning the skills that de-stress your body and mind is priceless in today’s modern age.


What is Your Life Like? 

Do you find yourself constantly on? Do you have aches and pains that never go away?

Do you have trouble sleeping, digestive problems, not enough energy or can’t stop thinking?

It has been estimated that 75 – 90% of all Doctor visits are stress related. Almost all conditions have a stress component that either caused it or exacerbates its symptoms.

This program helps you reduce your medical costs and take charge of your health by teaching you practical health and healing skills that last for the rest of your life!

If you are inflexible, have a frozen shoulder or bad back, are overwhelmed by life, can’t turn off, or have a chronic illness one session can make a huge difference

 Stress adaptation

Constant Stress Physiologically Shifts You Into a Survival State

Stress causes:

  • Your brain to shift into the emotionally reactive limbic brain which, negatively affects your perceptions and decision making
  • The accumulation of systemic muscle tension which, evolves into discomforts, aches, pains, movement compensation and joint dysfunction
  • Elevation of cortisol levels which, can wake you up in the middle of the night
  • Digestive system functioning to be minimized
  • Constant circular worry which, never allows you to rest


DeStress Therapy™  not only provides you immediate relief from your stress it also reveals the future requirements you need regarding the direction of your therapy.

The following are suggested areas to focus your sessions on based on our over 14 years of experience.  

All sessions can be modified to fit your specific needs.  


Increasing Fitness Efficiency (or Weight Loss)

Over a lifetime, stress accumulates in the body as tension, limiting free flowing movement and causing movement compensation. This leads to joint dysfunction and pain.

DeStress Therapy™  techniques are designed to be a precursor to highly efficient Personal Training sessions.

These sessions address the body’s in-the-moment needs and builds from the core to the periphery. You learn how to apply force through your body, improving: posture, golf, tennis and all facets of daily movement.

Number of sessions varies per client and depends upon your goals. 


Relief from Aches/Pains/Insomnia/Digestive Problems and Other Health Conditions

If you have constant aches and pains, this is where we start.

Not only will you leave the session pain free, you also learn how to bring the techniques into your daily life.

Ongoing sessions deepen this training and its effect. The number of sessions depends upon the nature and severity of your problem. One session can make a significant difference.


Holistic Energy Healing

Step 1 is guiding you to enter into a deeply peaceful state by releasing physical, mental and emotional tension while raising your vibration.

Step 2 is channeling universal energy to resolve imbalances, addictions, physical conditions, negative emotional states, mental overload and more. Number of sessions varies.

One session can make a significant difference.

Personal Transformation

Many people are ready to make a change in their lives. Transformation requires a calm environment from which to examine and explore those habits and patterns that require change. We specialize in creating this space for you and helping you navigate your inner realm to create the greatest amount of change you desire to have in your life.


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Our office is located at 16607 Blanco Road, Suite 300, San Antonio, TX 78232


To Make A Virtual/Phone Appointment

To make an appointment email us at or call us toll free: 866-821-5829.  Please include the nature of your problem or concern.


Menu of Services

Click on a selection below or we can process your selection in the office.

1) Pay As You Go$110 per session

2) Basic Package  - $400 (Total Savings: $40!)

A month’s worth of weekly sessions at $10 discount per session. 

3) Comprehensive Package with Home Study Course - $450 (Total Savings: $87!)

A month’s worth of weekly sessions at $10 discount per session.  Includes home study DeStress Therapy Product ($97 regular cost) 

DeStress Therapy Project 

4) The Ultimate Relaxation Package with Home Study Course– $1540 (Total Savings: $414!) 

 Includes 3 Months of DeStress Therapy Sessions, DeStress Therapy Product

and the Letting Go Project

                                                                                                level2apkg DeStress

16 sessions @ $90/session: 1st month: 2 sessions per week, 2nd and 3rd month: 1 session per week.

 Plus you receive a copy of Evolution’s Hero as a Bonus!


Add Ons:

Add on to any package:

 Learn more about this program at: The Letting Go Project


You must be an active client to purchase the Letting Go Project at this price:  

$50 (a $77 savings!)

10-week email course focusing each week on a specific topic, which includes:

Week 1: Letting Go of Negative Thinking

Week 2: Letting Go of Overwhelm

Week 3: Letting Go of Pain

Week 4: Letting Go of Guilt

Week 5: Letting Go of Weight

Week 6: Letting Go of Possessions

Week 7: Letting Go of Debt

Week 8: Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships

Week 9: Letting Go of Judgment

Week 10: Letting Go of Negative Sexual Energy


Learn more about the book at: Evolution Hero

$10/copy in the office. 



Patrick Harkins

Owner of Desert Art Source and Consign Design

Sheldon works miracles! I came to him all stressed out. I own three businesses have kids and a crazy relationship. I went from stress to bliss in one hour. I had pain in my back; he led me through a breathing exercise and stretching and laying of hands on my sore spots… I left, stress much reduced and pain gone. I feel like I have a mini vacation every time I go to Sheldon. His hands and intuitiveness are very credible. I would personally recommend him to anyone. I think you’re an angel here to help us mortals.

Mark Joseph
Group Exercise Instructor

Since I had been diagnosed with Arthritis in my lower back I just thought I had to live with the back pain and stiffness. Being a fitness instructor and having worked with people with Arthritis I knew that other than medication the only other thing I could do was stay active. After hearing Sheldon speak at Traditions Country Club and hearing people there rave about their personal success after Sheldon’s sessions, I decided to book a session. To my surprise in just a couple of sessions I have had such relief from back pain and since have become more flexible. I have been even improving more since my sessions as Sheldon made sure I left each session with specific things that I can do on my own. He does amazing body work and is truly a gifted healer. I can’t thank him enough and recommend him without reserve.”



Virginia Hummel
Author, Speaker & Publisher

With the very first session, Sheldon helped me to relieve my anxiety, rapid heart rate and the pressure in my chest and solar plexus that had plagued me for several months. His professional demeanor put me at ease and allowed me to follow his simple instructions to obtain the best results from our session. Working with Sheldon revealed other physical areas that needed body and breath work. 

For those of you into energy healing, Sheldon is one of the most powerful healers I have had the experience to work with. His knowledge and use of energy is quite amazing and it allowed me to let go of both emotional and physical trauma that I had unknowingly carried for years. I would highly recommend Sheldon and his Destress Therapy program.”


Wayne Reel
English Teacher

Amazing experience! I liked that the therapy was interactive and not passive and that is was educational in nature. I felt a level of relaxation that was pretty much unknown to me. Since the session, I have been able to maintain that overall level of relaxation, helping me to better navigate stressful situations. I became aware of all the places I hold a level of guarding, a level of tension. As the stress dissipated, I felt a new level of buoyancy and youthfulness. I was so impressed by Sheldon and by our session, I want to continue to see him occasionally for what I refer to as tuneups.

I have meditated for over three decades, and was shocked about how hard it was for me to turn off my thinking and to trust. But, thanks to Sheldon’s gentle coaching, I was able to attain a really peaceful state. He has a healing presence.

Highly recommended for all, especially those who believe in working with their bodies.”


Paul Bachow
President of Bachow & Associates, Inc.

About 18 months ago I suffered an injury to my left shoulder. It lost strength and often was in pain. After a special MRI with contrast performed in a University Hospital it was determined I had a small labrum tear (the soft-tissue rim that surrounds and deepens the shoulder socket). My options were surgery which would entail a 9 month recovery but never again have a full range of motion for my left shoulder (I am a righty), or therapy to improve the shoulder as much as possible and just live with the shoulder condition. Either way I would have a limited range of motion.

I choose to go the therapy route and went through a strengthening program.. When finished with the therapy I found that my range of motion was rather restricted. Over time the range of motion became more limited – to the extent that I could not put on a sport coat or jacket with my left shoulder. My left arm had about lost about 50% of its range of motion and I could only lift my arm to shoulder height.

I decided to ask Sheldon Ginsberg to look at my shoulder for ideas of what could be done. After examining me he said he thought he could help. We began a three month program where I had to trust him and learn a variety of body control and feedback signals that he taught me. This involved training muscles that were locking my shoulder to release and to slowly, 1/8th inch at a time, increase my range of motion while dealing with the pain. It turned out that muscles all over my body were compensating for the problems in my shoulder. Many muscles went into spasms and had to be individually addressed.

Today I cannot believe how my shoulder and life have improved. My range of motion is about 98% and I feel it will get to 100%. I feel healthy and young again. I can wipe off the sweat on my brow with my left arm when playing tennis and put on a coat without thinking about how to do it. In addition my golf game has greatly improved and I can see that now my golf game can continue to get better. Before I had to swing a golf club by swinging my entire body. Now I can just swing with my left shoulder. I can also ride a bicycle whereas before my left shoulder could not handle the vibration from bumps in the road.

What a difference in my quality of life. I never expected this kind of shoulder improvement. I just want everyone to know that they do not have to live with a frozen shoulder. Sheldon can make a major difference in the quality of your life. Take action, let Sheldon look at your problem, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.”


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We service San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

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